Who We Are

SCF was founded in January 2016 as a response to the Canadian government’s commitment to resettling Syrian refugees. Recognizing the importance of dedicated support, we’ve been ensuring newcomers experience a smooth transition ever since. Our mission has been to create a lasting positive impact in the lives of those we welcome.

Collaborating with partners and volunteers who share our vision of inclusivity and empowerment, we’ve cultivated a robust network of support. Our programs encompass essential areas, from language training and individualized help for newcomer and refugee women, to youth mental wellness and personal development. Since our inception, numerous success stories have unfolded. Individuals and families have not only rebuilt their lives and pursued their dreams, but also contributed to the fabric of Canadian society.

We’re humbled to have played a part in their transformative journeys.

Our mission is to accelerate newcomers’ ability to thrive within the Canadian community.

How It All Started

In 2015, the Canadian government pledged to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees, marking a significant step in addressing one of the most substantial humanitarian crises of our time. By December of that year, the first flight carrying Syrian refugees arrived and the Toronto Plaza Hotel quickly transformed into a temporary refuge, where hundreds of families created homes within its walls, and hallways turned into playgrounds for children.

Back then, the Syrian Canadian Foundation (SCF) consisted of a few dedicated volunteers as Syrian Canadians embraced their role to build bridges between Syrian refugees and the many segments of Canadian society that beautifully welcomed and included them.

In 2016, SCF was registered as a non-profit and we began to grow alongside the community, finding our purpose at the Toronto Plaza Hotel, and eventually opening our doors to diverse newcomers from across Canada. In 2020, we became a registered charity, marking an exciting milestone in our growth and ability to better serve our community.

Our vision is for a Canada where every newcomer has access to the support and community they need to thrive.


We take pride in the progress we've achieved over the years.

Areas of Focus

Accelerating Successful Integration through programs focused on:


English training empowers newcomers with essential linguistic skills for societal integration, job access, and community engagement, serving as a foundation for effective communication and empowerment.

Skill Building

Skill building empowers newcomers for meaningful employment, workforce contribution, and self-sufficiency, enabling them to thrive in the job market.


Promoting newcomers' well-being is crucial for resilience and successful resettlement, with a focus on mental health as a fundamental aspect of their adjustment to their new life.

Our Team

Marwa Khobieh
Executive Director
Suzanna Muir
Director of Operations
Hanen Nanaa
Director of Strategy
Rayan Batlouni
Program Manager, Engag3D LanguageTraining
Rami Chamseddine
Program Manager, Youth in Skilled Trades
IMG_social 3 copy
Celia Fernandes
Program Manager, N.E.W Venture
Screen Shot 2022-04-02 at 5.50
Rana Faddoul
Communications Manager
Atyaf Mahdi
Atyaf Mahdi
Program Coordinator, N.E.W Venture
Bassam Abazed
Service Navigator
Photo Sarah
Sarah Saleem
Program Manager, Women in Civic Engagement

Our Board

Mustafa Alio
Malaz Sebai
Bayan Khatib
unnamed (2)
Ruby Latif
Fathi pict 3
Fathi Abu Farah
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