The Syrian Canadian Foundation (SCF) is a volunteer driven non-profit that formed in January 2016, inspired by the Canadian Government’s public commitment of welcoming Syrian refugees and other vulnerable newcomers to Canada. 

SCF aims to empower the Syrian Canadian community and promote cross cultural exchanges within Canadian society. 

Our long-term vision seeks to establish an independent and influential Syrian-Canadian community that is inclusive and supportive to all Canadians.

SCF formed when thousands of Syrian newcomers arrived in the GTA and were living in temporary housing. Many urgent needs arose. In response, volunteers quickly organized to help.

Highlights of SCF’s accomplishments during this phase:

  • Identifying medical needs and connecting with medical services
  • Running a kid’s program during the temporary housing phase
  • Pop-up ESL classes during the temporary housing phase
  • Providing move out packages to each family that moved out from temporary housing into permanent housing
  • Finding permanent housing and helping to negotiate and fill out lease agreements 

Through our family matching program, connecting newcomer families with Canadian families for social support for the first three months after arrival