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The Flash Forward Photovoice initiative provides a safe and welcoming place where newcomer youth express themselves through photography, learn life skills, develop social supports, build resiliency and most importantly, feel a sense of belonging.

Flash Forward Photovoice is a research partnership between the SCF and NSCAD University. It uses photography and dialogue to amplify the voices and creativity of youth with refugee experiences.

If you would like to learn more about our participants and the research findings view the full report 


Flash Forward is supported in part by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council

Thank you to The Child and Youth Refugee Research Coalition (CYRRC) for funding this program

Reema Alfarwati

“Co-exist- you don’t have to agree with people’s thoughts but at least respect that they are human like you.”

Abdulrahman Kudduo

I liked photography before, and I used to try on my own, using YouTube, once I found out that there was a workshop, I said if there is someone that can fix my mistakes better than me learning on my own. That’s why I was excited to join and after the first session- I was more excited to know that there were other skills to learn.”

Alaa Rayan

“I used to take photos using snapchat (filters), I used to not be able to take photos without filters, but recently after this program I started taking pictures without snapchat… I used to feel that all my pimples and stuff show…now I just accept myself for who I am and how I look like.”

Mona Awd

“I look at the positive side- the good in the things that happen to me, I always think that everything happens for a good reason. This helps me a lot”

Abdullah Kudduo

 “ If I’m scared of something I push myself  to do it, so I face my fears and stop getting scared. If I am scared of animals I will research more about them to see them and stay around them so I know they won’t hurt me…that’s how I like to face my fears.

Amro Asfour

Stop wars. People are greedy, they want land and money. They make wars happen and a lot of people get killed, and countries hate each other… Then people that did nothing start hating each other.

Hanen Mousa

“I took a photo of the lake and the waves and I liked it so much because my family was there and every time I look at it, it just reminds me of my family.”

Rowida Sy

I feel like everyone has a form of expression, mine is photography”

Nabeel Alkhayat

“ People should think of others. Teach your children to love people and not be racist.”


“I like the experiments- I used to like taking photos but this program  made me like photography more.”

Saja Amer

I would like to share the good things about my country more than that there is a war. There are a lot of people that think the countries that have wars- the people there are not good, I want to show that we are better than that

Sham Rh

“ Photography helped me express my feelings through colours..When you put dark colours it shows depression and sadness but with bright colours it shows happiness.


“There are challenges. But you can overcome them on your own. It’s not necessary that someone helps you with it. Last year I started high school and the challenge was to make new friends- because when you start high school all your friends go to different schools. I don’t like to talk a lot to people- so it was a little hard. I like to listen more than talk. I’m happy I overcame this challenge.”

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