When Amani was handed a key to her apartment, she felt relief. After tragically losing her husband to gunfire and her two young children when their building collapsed during the civil war in Syria, she was forced to flee. Over a year later, Amani finally arrived as a refugee to Canada. She had lost everything, including her ability to walk, but she was safe. 

After long journeys of danger, fear, and loss, refugee women, like Amani, are hoping to rebuild their lives. This isn’t possible without feeling at home. Your donation will support refugee women and their children as they move out of shelters and  into homes they can call their own.  

The Syrian Canadian Foundation (SCF) is working with a Toronto-based shelter and temporary housing services to provide 50 refugee women, many of whom are single mothers, with customized Home Starter Kits and Wellness Support. 

Each woman has a different story, and while the past can’t be changed, your contribution can support them to move forward.  

SCF is a registered charity and we will be providing tax receipts to donors in February of next year. This campaign is Zakat eligible

For more information on this campaign, please email info@syriancanadianfoundation.ca

Help our Community Ambassadors reach their goals!

Each of our passionate Community Ambassadors have set their own fundraising goals to support the Home Starter Kit Campaign. Check out their profiles below and make a donation to help them reach their goals!

Team Zena - $2000 Goal
Feel the impact! 80%
Team Zane - $2000
Happy birthday to Zane! 100%
Team Ekram - $3000 Goal
Woohoo! Look at that! 67%
Team Dalia & Roman - $1000
Congratulations! So much to celebrate! 100%
Team Arab Students League - $1500
Team Ghalia- $3000
INCREDIBLE! We did it! 100%
Team Razan - $2000
So close, keep it going! 87%
Team McMaster - $1500
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