Our Champion

Highlights from Dima’s Athletic Career

  • 2008 International Tournament in Lebanon – 1st Place
  • 2012 Amman International Tournament, Jordan – Bronze
  • 2017 Butterfly Canadian Para Championships Wheelchair Teams – Gold
  • 2017 Butterfly Canadian Para Championships Wheelchair Solo – Silver
  • Competitive Power-lifting for 5 years

Dima’s Dream

Today, Dima and her husband Osama live in Hamilton, Ontario with their two boys. Dima wants to represent Canada in international tournaments.

She wants to win medals for the country that gave her family a safe haven. Despite the many challenges, and her inability to train while fleeing from war and living in difficult circumstances in Turkey, Dima never gave up on her dream. As soon as she arrived in Canada, she set her mind to getting back on her winning track. 

In July 2017, Dima competed in her first tournament in Canada: the Butterfly Canadian Championships (a national table tennis tournament). She scored a gold in the doubles and a silver in singles!

Beyond pursuing her own ambitions in sports, Dima’s dream is to help others who face similar challenges.

In her current hometown of Hamilton, Dima met dozens of people with disabilities that became inspired by her story. Dima wants to start a fitness and wellness program for them in Hamilton to help bring hope and confidence into their lives. 

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