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From Syria To Afghanistan

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From Syria To Afghanistan

On August 13th 2021, the Canadian government announced that Canada will resettle 20,000 vulnerable Afghans threatened by the Taliban and forced to flee Afghanistan. As the government is offering Afghan refugees a new permanent home here in Canada, this will come along with many hardships for these individuals and families. Learning a new language, navigating an entirely new environment and system, and building a new social support system are a few examples of many other obstacles they will face. Luckily for refugee newcomers, there is a huge group of people who happened to go through the same experience five years ago, and who are willing to share the lessons they’ve learned!

Today, we offer the Syrian community an opportunity to help Afghan newcomers. This bridge is not only a way to pay it forward, but also a useful tool to help newcomers benefit from Syrian refugees’ experience in Canada.

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What does the Arabic name mean?

[Sa’al Mujareb] is part of a longer Syrian proverb that says: “Ask a person who has lived the experience rather than asking an expert in it”. The closest meaning in English would be “Ask someone who has been in your shoes”. There is a reason behind this passed-down through generations expression, which is the strong belief in a person’s ability to understand something if they survived it themselves, even more than a person who has studied it without living the actual experience.

How to get invloved?

We really appreciate any contributions to this campaign, so we prepared multiple options to make sure everyone can choose what works for them:


You can donate money that will go towards supporting Afghani refugees. When you make a financial donation, you are helping many Afghan individuals and families settle in their new home.


You can donate your time by helping reputable organizations committed to help Afghani newcomers. Sharing your expertise can directly benefit organizations helping Afghans resettle.


You can help spread the word about the campaign around your social circle

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