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From Syria To Afghanistan

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From Syria To Afghanistan

On August 13, 2021, the Canadian government announced a special immigration program for Afghan nationals forced to flee Afghanistan as a result of Taliban threats to life and security. This humanitarian program will welcome 40,000 eligible Afghan Refugees to Canada through resettlement. The Syrian Canadian Foundation (SCF) is leading a campaign that will aid the resettlement of Afghan Refugees by empowering, bridging, and building on Syrian refugee integration experiences in Canada.

Our goal is to connect 100 Syrian newcomers to Afghan refugees and raise $5000 for resettlement support. To reach our target and create significant impact among Afghan newcomers, SCF will collaborate with community partners including, The Hazara Women’s Organization, The Afghan Women’s Organization, Afghan Refugee Response, and Refugee Jumpstart to determine the needs of Afghan newcomers.

Sa’al Mujareb will connect and empower Syrian refugees to help Afghan newcomers in Canada build a new social support system as they face integration obstacles. SCF will work to eliminate social isolation, foster cross-cultural exchanges, and provide needs-based support for Afghan newcomers

Government of Canada Refugee Support in numbers

Syrian refugees
Afghan refugees
Funds Raised
1 .2B

What does the Arabic name mean?

[Sa’al Mujareb] is part of a longer Syrian proverb that says: “Ask a person who has lived the experience rather than asking an expert in it”. The closest meaning in English would be “Ask someone who has been in your shoes”. This expression emphasizes the belief that a person’s ability to understand something they have survived is more likely than a person who has studied it and does not have a lived experience.

How to get invloved?

Your commitment to helping refugees is greatly appreciated! Choose how you want to make a difference:

$10 Donation

Contribute 10$ to Support Afghan refugees in their settlement journey! Your donation will provide needs-based essentials to refugees


Volunteer with reputable organizations committed to helping Afghani newcomers. Your support will help eliminate social isolation, foster cross-cultural exchanges, and provide needs-based support for Afghan newcomers.  


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The Syrian Canadian Foundation is a Registered Canadian Charity. No. 785800525RR0001

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