Our Programs

Compassion, Empowerment, & Community Engagement.

Through a wide range of programs and resources, SCF strives to facilitate the integration and success of newcomers in their new home.


“Natawasal: Empowering Arabic-speaking Seniors with Digital Skills” is a program designed to bridge the digital generation gap by training young individuals to educate seniors. Seniors will learn how to use tablets to safeguard themselves from fraud, effectively search the web for valuable information and resources, and navigate social media platforms with confidence.


Sawa is a women’s wellness program dedicated to fostering mental well-being and a sense of belonging among Arabic-speaking newcomer women.

We bring these women together to create a supportive community where they can find the help and encouragement they need in Canada.

Youth in Skilled Trades

The Youth in Skilled Trades program aims to empower youth (ages 15-29), primarily newcomers and refugees from racialized and underrepresented communities in the Greater Toronto Area with opportunities for meaningful long-term employment in the skilled trades sector, particularly in construction and home renovation.

N.E.W Venture

Empowerment through Entrepreneurship! Newcomer Entrepreneur Women’s (N.E.W) Venture is a program designed to empower newcomer and refugee women.

We believe that entrepreneurship can provide a path to economic and social integration by creating opportunities for income stability, expanding social and business networks and developing overall confidence and sense of belonging.


Engag3d is a language training program using the latest learning technologies. The goal of the program is to explore how newcomers can improve their language skills in an innovative and engaging way, using virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate their integration and develop a sense of belonging to their new home, Canada.

The Community Shield

Addressing vaccine hesitancy in Canadian Arabic-speaking communities through healthcare provider training, community education, promotion, and evidence-based communication.

Women in Civic Engagement

WICE is dedicated to empowering women to actively participate in civic activities. We firmly believe in the transformative power of women’s involvement in their communities and in the broader political landscape. Through this program, we provide education, resources, and support to women, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to engage effectively in various civic endeavors.

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