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The Canadian Syrian Canadian Foundation is a registered Canadian charity. We provide relief, aid, and social programming to support recently arrived and vulnerable newcomer and refugee families, including refugee women, children, youth, and seniors, in Canada. Fund our community programs and change a refugee’s life.

You can make a one-time donation or become part of our family of monthly donors who champion our work. All donations are eligible for an official charitable tax receipt.

Note: The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) stipulates that the Syrian Canadian Foundation (SCF), as a registered charity, cannot return a donor’s gift. As a donation transfers ownership of the money from the donor to the charity, once the transfer is made, the charity is legally obliged to use the gift exclusively for its charitable purposes and activities, and prohibits it from making gifts to non-qualified donees. As such, we will only issue refunds under extenuating circumstances that are deemed appropriate at the discretion of the SCF and the CRA. 

If a refund is issued, the Syrian Canadian Foundation will void the original donation receipt issued to the donor and provide an information return letter to the CRA. For more information please visit the CRA website.

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