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Make an impact with a Home Starter Kit

Home Starter Kits play a crucial role in assisting refugees as they transition from shelters to establishing their own homes, providing vital support for a successful start.

Customized Kits

Every year we support refugee families in the GTA with Home Starter kits. Each kit contains home essentials valued between $300-$500.

Cookware Pots & pans

Beddings & Blankets

Cleaning Supplies

Custom Food Supplies

Starting Over

In Canada, refugees find a fresh start and a welcoming community. The Home Starter Kit campaign plays a crucial role in helping refugees establish their new lives by providing essential items and support for their homes. This initiative reflects SCF’s dedication to compassion and human rights, facilitating refugees’ integration and success in their new home.

Every refugee has a different story, and while the past can’t be changed, your contribution can support them to move forward.

Our Impact

Kits Distributed to refugees and their families
Families of diverse backgrounds were supported
Raised through crowdfunding campaign and fundraising dinner
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Our 2024 Goals
Fundraising Dinner

The Syrian Canadian Foundation is hosting a fundraising dinner to support our Home Starter Kit initiative. It will be an evening of unity and generosity as we gather essential funds to provide refugee families with a warm and welcoming start to their new lives.

Funds Raised
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Our fundraising goal is $100,000. With your help, we can provide essential assistance to refugee families newly arrived in Canada. Your contribution will go a long way in making a meaningful impact to those in need.

Families Supported

Refugee families come in all sizes, some with children and others without, representing a beautiful tapestry of diverse backgrounds. Our mission is to provide them with the support and resources they need to thrive in their new home.

Community Ambassadors

Each of our passionate Community Ambassadors have set their own fundraising goals to support the Home Starter Kit Campaign. Make a donation to help them reach their goals!

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